Bits in a Byte

No matter if it is how many megabytes in a gigabyte, how many kilobytes in a megabytehow many bits in a byte, how many bytes in a megabyte or how many bytes in a kilobyte etc. These are questions that a lot of people have been asking us so we have produced a list for everyone to see.  We have also included a downloadable one HERE.  Only available in Excel format right now.


Old Standard 
bit b 0 or 1
byte B 8 bits
kilobit kb 1000 bits
Kilobyte (binary) KB 1024 bytes
Kilobyte (decimal) KB 1000 bytes
Megabit Mb 1000 kilobits
Megabyte (binary) MB 1024 Kilobytes
Megabyte (decimal) MB 1000 Kilobytes
Gigabit Gb 1000 Megabits
Gigabyte (binary) GB 1024 Megabytes
Gigabyte (decimal) GB 1000 Megabytes
Terabit Tb 1000 Gigabits
Terabyte (binary) TB 1024 Gigabytes
Terabyte (decimal) TB 1000 Gigabytes
Petabit Pb 1000 Terabits
Petabyte (binary) PB 1024 Terabytes
Petabyte (decimal) PB 1000 Terabytes
Exabit Eb 1000 Petabits
Exabyte (binary) EB 1024 Petabytes
Exabyte (decimal) EB 1000 Petabytes
IEC Standard
bit bit 0 or 1
byte B 8 bits
kibibit Kibit 1024 bits
kilobit kbit 1000 bits
kibibyte (binary) KiB 1024 bytes
kilobyte (decimal) kB 1000 bytes
megabit Mbit 1000 kilobits
mebibyte (binary) MiB 1024 kibibytes
megabyte (decimal) MB 1000 kilobytes
gigabit Gbit 1000 megabits
gibibyte (binary) GiB 1024 mebibytes
gigabyte (decimal) GB 1000 megabytes
terabit Tbit 1000 gigabits
tebibyte (binary) TiB 1024 gibibytes
terabyte (decimal) TB 1000 gigabytes
petabit Pbit 1000 terabits
pebibyte (binary) PiB 1024 tebibytes
petabyte (decimal) PB 1000 terabytes
exabit Ebit 1000 petabits
exbibyte (binary) EiB 1024 pebibytes
exabyte (decimal) EB 1000 petabytes



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