Port Numbers

Below is a list of most of the common Ports

Internet Port Numbers

SSH22Secure Shell *
HTTP80HyperText Transfer Protocol * (e.g. for web browsing). Currently (2003-07-05) HTTP/1.1 is officially described in RFC 2616.
HOSTS2 Name Server8181* An interesting story. The name attached to this port in the IANA list, Earl Killian, says he shouldn’t be. He says “I don’t know what 81 is, or whether it is still in use.” Since Mr. Killian doesn’t know what HOSTS2 is/was, and with Postel gone, I wonder if there’s anyone left in the world who knows what 81 was/is for and who actually requested it.
XFER Utility8282* Another interesting story. The name attached to this port in the IANA list, Thomas M. Smith of Lockheed Martin, says Sorry… there is no publicly available information regarding the details of the XFER Utility and its use of tcp and udp port # 82. XFER employs a proprietary protocol which has not been disclosed.
RPC Endpoint Mapper135135* registered as “epmap – DCE endpoint resolution”. Used by Microsoft for RPC locator service. See additional information.
LDAP389389Lightweight Directory Access Protocol *
MS NetMeetingLDAP or ULP, dyn >=1024, 1503, H.323 HostCall, MS ICCPdyn >=1024videoconferencing
Timbuktu407, 1417-1420407remote control *
SLP427427Service Location Protocol * Used by MacOS and NetWare.
HTTPs443secure HTTP (SSL) *
LPD / printer515515printing * LPD stands for Line Printer Daemon. Also see printing section.
ULP522522User Location Protocol (Microsoft) *
AppleTalk Filing Protocol (AFP)548548*
QuickTime 4RTSPRTP-QT4streaming audio, video *
RTSP554Real Time Streaming Protocol *. Currently (2003-07-05) described in RFC 2326.
NNTPs563secure NNTP news (SSL) *
Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)631631print remotely to any IPP enabled printer through the Internet * The Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) is based on IPP. Also see printing section.
LDAPs636636secure LDAP * (LDAP protocol over TLS/SSL)
Doom666666network game *
Remotely Possible (ControlIT)799remote control. CA ControlIT support.
VMware Virtual Machine Console902remote control and viewing of virtual machines. vmware-authd.
SOCKS1080internet proxy *. Also used by Trojans.
Kazaa12141214peer-to-peer file sharing *
WASTE13371337peer-to-peer. Also see InfoAnarchy WASTE FAQ. This port is officially registered for Men and Mice DNS (QuickDNS Remote).
Lotus Notes Domino1352*
VocalTec Internet Phone1490, 6670, 2579322555videoconferencing *
Citrix ICA1494, dyn >=10231604, dyn >=1023remote application access *
Virtual Places1533conferencing *, also see VP voice
Xing StreamWorks1558streaming video *
Novell GroupWise (Remote Client)16771677group collaboration * NOTE: Other features of GroupWise use many other ports.
H.323 Host Call17201720H.323 host call *
PPTP1723virtual private network (VPN) * Note PPTP also uses the GRE protocol. However Microsoft says in Understanding PPTP: “PPTP can be used with most firewalls and routers by enabling traffic destined for port 1723 to be routed through the firewall or router.”
MS ICCP17311731audio call control (Microsoft) *
MS NetShow17551755, dyn >=1024 <=5000streaming video *
MSN Messenger1863instant messenging *. NOTE: For detailed info on ports for file transfers, voice and video, see the Windows and MSN Messenger section below.
Netopia netOctopus1917, 19211917network management *
Big Brother19841984network monitoring *
ICU II2000-2003videoconferencing. NOTE: security risk on TCP port 50000
iSpQ2000-2003videoconferencing. Note: support docs are inconsistent on what ports are required
glimpseserver2001search engine
Distributed.Net RC5/DES2064distributed computation
SoulSeek2234, 55342234, 5534file sharing
Microsoft DirectX gaming (DirectPlay) 72300-2400, 476242300-2400networked multiplayer games, * only 47624 is registered as “Direct Play Server”, if needed also see MSN Gaming Zone
Microsoft DirectX gaming (DirectPlay) 82302-2400, 6073networked multiplayer games, * only 6073 is registered as DirectPlay8, if needed also see MSN Gaming Zone
MADCAP – Multicast Address Dynamic Client Allocation Protocol25352535* defined in RFC 2730 – Multicast Address Dynamic Client Allocation Protocol (MADCAP). Also used by Trojans.
Netrek2592network game *
ShareDirect27052705peer-to-peer (P2P) filesharing. Officially registered for Sun SDS Admin.
URBISNET27452745* Alex Tronin reports was used for Urbis geolocation service… now not operational, but may be revived. Also used by Trojans.
Borland Interbase database30503050* gds_db. See CERT Advisory CA-2001-01 for potential security risk.
squid31283130web proxy cache. Also used by Trojans.
iSNS32053205* Internet Storage Name Service, see iSCSI section
iSCSI default port32603260* SCSI over IP, see iSCSI section
Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)3389* registered as ms-wbt-server. RDP 5.1 is the current version. See below for more information. Remote Desktop Web Connection also uses HTTP.
NetworkLens SSL Event34103410* Also used by Trojans.
Virtual Places Voice Chat3450, 8000-9000voice chat, also see Virtual Places
Apple iTunes music sharing (DAAP)36893689Digital Audio Access Protocol *
World of Warcraft3724online game *
Mirabilis ICQdyn >=10244000locator, chat (note: see newer AOL ICQ)
Blizzard / Battle.net4000, 6112-61194000, 6112-6119network gaming – support (captured 2001-11-11), proxy and firewall info
Abacast4000-4100, 4500, 9000-9100peer-to-peer audio and video streaming. NOTE: This software will create OUTGOING streams to other users if it can.
GlobalChat client, server40204020chat rooms, used to be called ichat
PGPfone4747secure phone
PlayLink4747, 4748, 100906144online games
radmin48994899remote control *
Yahoo Messenger – Voice Chat5000-50015000-5010voice chat
GnomeMeetingH.323 HostCall, 30000-300105000-5003, 5010-5013audio and videoconference. 5000-5003 is RTP and RTCP range for this app.
Yahoo Messenger – messages5050messaging. NOTE: It will try ports 5050, 80, any port.
SIP50605060Session Initiation Protocol *. For audio and video. Currently (2003-07-05) see RFCs 3261, 3262, 3263, 3264, 3265
Apple iChat AVSIP, RTP-iChatAVaudio and video conferencing. May also need iChat local port.
Yahoo Messenger – Webcams5100video
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)51905190America OnLine * Also used by Apple iChat (in AIM compatibility mode).
AIM Video IM1024-5000 ?1024-5000 ?video chat. It is unclear from their FAQ whether you need to open both TCP and UDP ports.
AOL ICQ5190, dyn >=1024messaging
AOL5190-51935190-5193America OnLine *
XMPP / Jabber5222, 52695222, 5269* Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol. Also see Using Jabber behind firewalls. Defined by XMPP specs (RFCs now issued), specs created by IETF group.
Qnext5235-52375235-5237audio / video conference, fileshare, everything. Port 5236 is officially assigned to “padl2sim”.
iChat local traffic52985298Some Rendezvous thing.
Multicast DNS53535353* Mac OS X 10.2: About Multicast DNS. Related to Zeroconf which Apple has implemented as Rendezvous. (Note: the regular Domain Name Service port is 53.)
Dialpad.com5354, 7175, 8680-8890, 9000, 9450-9460dyn >=1024telephony
HotLine5500-5503peer-to-peer filesharing.
SGI ESP HTTP55545554* SGI Embedded Support Partner (ESP) web server. Also used by Trojans, see SGI Security Advisory 20040501-01-I.
InfoSeek Personal Agent55555555* I don’t know if InfoSeek Personal Agent exists anymore. This port is commonly used by HP OpenView Storage Data Protector (formerly HP OmniBack).
pcAnywhere56315632remote control *
eShare Chat Server5760
eShare Web Tour5761
eShare Admin Server5764
VNC5800+, 5900+remote control
Blizzard Battle.net61126112online gaming
GNUtella6346, 63476346, 6347peer-to-peer file sharing *
Netscape ConferenceH.323 HostCall, 6498, 65022327audioconferencing
Danware NetOp Remote Control65026502remote control
common IRC6665-6669Internet Relay Chat *
Net2Phone CommCenterselected6801, selectedtelephony, admin should select one TCP and UDP port in the range 1-3000. Same ports are used by Yahoo Messenger – PC-to-Phone.
BitTorrent6881-6889, 6969distributed data download, newer versions TCP 6881-6999. Alternate FAQ link.
Blizzard DownloaderWorld of Warcraft, Battle.net and BitTorrentdownloads patches for World of Warcraft
RTP-QT46970-6999Realtime Transport Protocol. (These ports are specifically for the Apple QT4 version.)
VDOLive7000user-specifiedstreaming video
Real Audio & VideoRTSP, 70706970-7170streaming audio and video
CU-SeeMe, Enhanced CUSM7648, 7649, LDAP7648-7652, 24032videoconferencing
common HTTP8000, 8001, 8080
Apache JServ Protocol v12 (ajp12)80078007(default port) See Workers HowTo for config info.
Apache JServ Protocol v13 (ajp13)80098009(default port) e.g. Apache mod_jk Tomcat connector using ajp13. See Workers HowTo for config info.
Grouper80388038peer-to-peer (P2P) filesharing
PDL datastream91009100printing * PDL is Page Description Language. Used commonly by HP printers and by Apple. Also see printing section.
MonkeyCom98989898* video-chat, also used by Trojans
iVisit9943, 9945, 56768videoconferencing
The Palace9992-99979992-9997chat environment *
common Palace9998chat environment
NDMP1000010000Network Data Management Protocol *. Used for storage backup. Also used by Trojans.
Amanda1008010080backup software *. Also used by Trojans.
Yahoo Games11999network games
Italk1234512345network chat supporting multiple access methods * Appears mostly used in Japan. There are many other applications calling themselves “italk”. TrendMicro OfficeScan antivirus also uses this port. Commonly used by Trojans.
RTP-iChatAV16384-16403Used by Apple iChat AV.
RTP16384-32767Realtime Transport Protocol. RTP in general is described in RFC 3550. This range is not registered (it never could be, being so broad) but it seems to be somewhat common. See Are there specific ports assigned to RTP?
Palm Computing Network Hotsync1423714238data synchronization
Liquid Audio18888streaming audio
VocalTec Internet Conference2255522555audio & document conferencing *
Quake2600026000network game *
MSN Gaming Zone28800-2910028800-29100network gaming (zone.com, zone.msn.com), also see DirectPlay 7 and DirectPlay 8
Sygate Manager39213

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